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🐝 Queen Bee Crystal Drop Earrings

🐝 Queen Bee Crystal Drop Earrings

🐝 Queen Bee Crystal Drop Earrings

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Bee populations are declining rapidly due to climate change, pesticides, pollution, habitat loss, and decreasing in crop diversity. 

Together we can protect them and keep our friendly bees buzzing and raise awareness of how important they are to us. 

Wear these earrings with pride, raise awareness to save bees and keep the Buzzinggg! This will ensure that our bees are kept safe and reduce the decline of their population and raise awareness of their importance.

Not only these bee earrings are adorable, they are also very fashionable as well.


The earring will definitely turn heads and be noticed, and it can act as a reminder to help the bee colonies which plays a huge importance to us all.


If you aren't satisfied or in love with our product, just let us know within 30 days and you will receive a stress free refund. 


We love these little guys. When they arrived they were much better quality than we had expected. they are absolutely charming. We liked them so much we bought a set for ourselves (the first one was a present). Brilliant.

Lucinda H

These were bought for a friend’s birthday present. I think I like them better than her but she seemed pleased with them! I’m not normally into gnomes but these are something special!


We bought these for our amazing neighbor who is like a grandmother to us. She already has at least 15 smaller gnomes, but these guys were bigger than I thought. Very affordable, and she absolutely loved them.

Travis L

Worth every penny! I love these guys, brings great energy and they always receive compliments from guests! I was hesitant to spend the money on a non-essential item...but glad i followed my heart on this one.

Christy M

These are very cute and was received very quickly. Everyone who has seen them so far falls in love with them.

Carrie R
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