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Dinboo- Cat Spinner Windmill Interactive Cat Toy

Dinboo- Cat Spinner Windmill Interactive Cat Toy

Dinboo- Cat Spinner Windmill Interactive Cat Toy

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The Perfect Toy For Every Cat

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Your cat will never get bored playing with Dinboo! Simple yet entertaining this toy can keep your cat’s attention for hours!

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With just a little push the two balls start rotating to simulate the movement of prey. The chewing toy in the middle will help with stress relief and energy exertion.

It sets up firmly on any flat surface to ensure your cat won’t snatch it. Dinboo keeps your cat’s instincts sharp in the best way possible.

Dinboo is a must-have for every cat owner this season. Offering a fun, entertaining, and risk-free way for your cat to have fun without tearing the house apart.


Key benefits

Instilling healthy habits- Your feline will safely practice its predatory instincts. Making this the perfect outlet for every cat.

Uniquely Designed- To place anywhere in the house and super interactive for your cat to engage in entertainment anywhere safe and sound.

Calmer environment- The house will be more peaceful when your cat has something to play with. Keeping them entertained and free from ripping and running around the house. 

is your cat bored and lonely at home, this is the perfect cat toy for bored cats


I bought it for my daughter and she loved the color and for me it is very comfortable because I can get cold and hot without affecting each other

Ligia S

their  Lunchboxes  are of amazing Quality. Love the brand guys!, I received 2, The second one I received came with chopsticks and the person I gave this too was stoked! She tells me all the time that her co-workers are super jealous of it. This really is a great gift.


Super cute and perfect size to bring to school or work. Keeps food either cold or hot depending on what you put in it. Love it 

Kathryn L

I've been using this product for over 1.5 year sending food for my son at daycare. It keeps the food warm until his lunch time and his fruits are also good to eat when it's time. I got many compliments from the teachers because it's easy and ready to serve my son.I also travel with it when I know I will be somewhere with not many food options to my son.It's also very easy to clean.

Tamara M

My daughter cannot heat things up at school, so this allows me to heat up food and the morning and she says it is still warm at lunch time.

Edwards R
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