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DiaSharp™ Double Side Diamond scissor & Knife Sharpener

Get thatrazor-sharp edge back on all your kitchen knives, and make them a joy to use around the kitchen once again. A blunt knife is more difficult to use and can often damage that presentation by squishing the food instead of cutting it. Don't give in to the frustration..just get the best sharpener on the block. Also great at sharpening scissors, woodworking chisels or carving knives.

Diamond Knife Sharpening Stone 400# 1000# Grit

Keep your knife sharp every time, Our Diamond knife sharpener stones will help you to sharpen your knife. Honeycomb surface sharpener stone is Whetstone is made from very special stone 


Ultra-thin Whetstone Grit 1000#

 Size: about 15CM*6.2CM*2.5 mm

1000# Weight: 70g

Ultra-thin Whetstone Girt 600#

 Size: about 15CM*6.2CM*2.5 mm

 Weight: 70g

Ultra-thin Whetstone Girt 400#

Size:   about 15CM*5CM*2.5 mm

Weight:  56g


Abrasive Material: High-quality Diamond 

Function: Kitchen Diamond Knife  Sharpener



1. Great for sharpening all kinds of kitchen knives, planer, scissors, garden tools, woodworking tools, ski, and snowboard tuning work, etc. It is much more efficient than Waterstones and less risk of damaging the edges.


2.Lightweight, small and practical. This diamond sharpener stone simple to operate and can be carried anywhere when you have a trip and cannot occupy too much space.


3.Smart and Unique honeycomb type design to ensure the grinding process of cuttings will not bump and affect the knife.


4.It is only 2.5 mm thick so will not take much room and can be fixed on any flat surface.

sharpens for these: kitchen chef knife Santoku Utility Paring slicing cleaver Scissors ,  boning knife Fillet knife hunting pocket knife
3 kinds of package: 1 piece or 2 piece sets or 3 pieces set