Electric fish scaler machine, automatic fish skin remover

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The Only Thing You Need To Remove The Fish Scales Quickly And Safely At Home Or Outdoor!

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Improve your cooking skills with this Electric Fish Scaler Kitchen Tool! It is convenient and you can use it on most if not all types of fish! If you’re someone who cooks, you already know the importance of removing the scales from fish. It is important because if you leave the scales on, it can harm you as you eat because the scales are sharp. Aside from that, the flavors and seasonings won’t be able to seep into it better. Most people just use a knife to remove scales but the problem with this is that it can take a lot of time and effort. The best thing to do is to get this electric fish scaler instead.


Rechargeable Device

What makes this unique from others is that this one is an electric device. It means that it runs through batteries and it can work more efficiently than manual tools. The good thing about it is that it is rechargeable. It is practical because you simply have to charge it for about one hour and you can use it for up to four hours. Also, the tool has a blade guard that not only protects you from the blade but also prevents scales from flying all over.

Waterproof Tool 

Another feature of this kitchen tool is that it is waterproof. This is a necessary feature especially because you’re dealing with seafood that’s mostly wet. Also, thanks to its waterproof ability, it is easy to clean. The tool has a comfortable-to-grip handle to provide you with better control. This way, you can accurately remove the scales without damaging the meat of the fish. It is also easy to use, all you have to do is switch the button on the handle on or off. The blade is of stainless steel material which prevents rusting and corrosion.



  • Easy To Use: It has a compact design with powerful torque generated by a copper motor. With motor driven rollers, you can clean your fish effortlessly. You'll enjoy the experience of removing fish scales again.

  • No More Meat Waste: This tool is able to remove the scales from fishes of any size without even cutting their skin. No more waste of meat.

  • Safe: The ergonomic design will protect your hands from accidents. 

  • Time Saving: Now you can save more time for your family at home or having fun outdoor. By just pressing the power button, you could get rid of all the fish scales in no time.





  • Battery: 12V built in lithium battery

  • Charging Time: About 1 hour

  • Use Time: About 3-4 hours after fully being charged

  • Power: 36W

  • Motor Speed: 6000 rev/min

  • US Plug


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