FoodyPressy™ Food Saver Vacuum Cover Storage - Black Sealing for Food


Keeps Food Fresh & Secure

With the FoodyPressy Food Saver Vacuum Cover, you can now turn your own plates, platters and other shallow dishes into a Vacuum Storage! Keep your leftovers tasting as great as they did the day you made them by vacuum sealing them! It's easy to use, just place the cover over your food in contact with a clean and smooth-surface plate and slightly press on top of cover to create vacuum seal. 



  • Secure Sealing. the cover will lock firmly onto any dish with just the press of a button - using the pressure of air
  • Keeps Meals Fresh. the lid stays secure and locks all air away from foods, keeping them fresh for several days.
  • Space Saver. lock your meal in place and stack dishes on top of one another inside your fridge with ease!
  • Freshness Timer. the nifty button contain a rotatable timer so you can keep track of how many days you have kept your meals secure under the cover.
  • Safe & Non-toxic: made with 100% BPA-free plastics, microwave/dishwasher/freezer safe!

How It Works

Using the FoodyPressy® Food Saver Vacuum Cover is as simple as ever! Just make sure that the cover is completely clean and the plate/bowl to be used is clean as well. Then place the cover over on top of the dish and lock it down in place with a firm press. To release the air-lock, simply press the top once again and you're good to go!


Pressy® Food Saver Vacuum Sealing Mintiml Cover Lid


Material: Premium ABS

Dimensions: 15 x 19 x 7.5 cm

Certifications: BPA-free

Pressy® Food Saver Vacuum Sealing Mintiml Cover Lid

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The FoodyPressy® Food Saver Vacuum Coverwill secure your meals for freshness at just the press of a button. 

Never worry about leftovers going to waste again!

Pressy® Food Saver Vacuum Sealing Mintiml Cover Lid