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FoodyTower™ Lunchbox

FoodyTower™  Lunchbox

FoodyTower™ Lunchbox

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Save Time and Money, and eat healthy with Our FoodyTower Lunchbox.  


*  LeakProof and Spill Proof

*  Keeps Food Hot

*  Get One for Yourself And One  for Your Loved Ones. 

3 Layers + 3 Mini Bowls

*  Portable & Flexible  Design 

Having an amazing lunch box   could make the entire lunch experience  so much better  for your kids  and for you! Cook  your food  at home  and save money and  time waiting in lines  at restaurants 

Need a lunchbox for work?  School for kids?  Picnic at the park? Going camping? We got you covered!


Save money on expensive restaurants at lunch break, and eat more whole and healthier meals thanks to this cute lunchbox, (Highly recommended lunchbox for adults)

Enjoying delicious meals on the go has never been so easy thanks to the Layered thermal Lunchbox. A unique and innovative cute lunchbox that makes meal prep easier than ever! Each layer can contain different types of foods, and you'll have more than enough space to fit all your meals and enjoy them on the go.


✔ Leak and Spill Proof: Carry all your liquids, like sauce or soup, without worrying about making a mess. Each layer has a silicone joint and locking system  that creates an airtight seal. 

Unique Design This stackable lunch box mainly has 3 layers, adding 3 mini bowls  is equal to 6 layers, keeping food separated and organized; Smooth surface, mirror polished, easy to clean

✔ Insulated food container

✔ Portable & Flexible - Each layer can be easily removed to suit your needs for the day. Simply add or remove layers as you wish. You can leave a compartment (or two)  at home  and make your FoodyTower smaller for those not-so-hungry days.

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FoodyBox Multi layer Lunchbox


 Capacity: Height:
2 TIERS - 1000ml
2 TIER - 23.5cm / 9.25''
3 TIERS - 1300ml
3 TIER - 31cm / 12.2'' 


We love these little guys. When they arrived they were much better quality than we had expected. they are absolutely charming. We liked them so much we bought a set for ourselves (the first one was a present). Brilliant.

Lucinda H

These were bought for a friend’s birthday present. I think I like them better than her but she seemed pleased with them! I’m not normally into gnomes but these are something special!


We bought these for our amazing neighbor who is like a grandmother to us. She already has at least 15 smaller gnomes, but these guys were bigger than I thought. Very affordable, and she absolutely loved them.

Travis L

Worth every penny! I love these guys, brings great energy and they always receive compliments from guests! I was hesitant to spend the money on a non-essential item...but glad i followed my heart on this one.

Christy M

These are very cute and was received very quickly. Everyone who has seen them so far falls in love with them.

Carrie R
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