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KidoBox 3-Layer Microwavable Lunch Box

✔️ Leakproof  lunchbox

✔️ Microwave safe

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✔️30 days Money-back Guarantee

Save money on eating out every day. Eat whole, healthy lunches. Skip the queue at the office canteen. 

Ever thought about...

  • ... how much money you spend eating out during lunchtime at the office? 
  • ... how unhealthy cafeteria food can be?
  • ... how much of your life is spent waiting in line at the office cafeteria?
  • ... what you pay for your kids' cafeteria lunches and if they are healthy at all?

This food box can help you change all that. Made from environmentally friendly and food-safe wheat straw material, it keeps your home-cooked food safe, fresh & tasty. Just take dinner leftovers from home or prep some quick meal the night before.

Also perfect for picnics, camping or traveling.

Multi-course meals? No problem? The 3 compartments got you covered:

  1. 6.76 fl oz (200ml) sealed, e.g. for soups (with a movable separator)
  2. 6.76 fl oz (200ml) non-sealed, e.g. for veggies
  3. 13.52 fl oz (400ml) non-sealed, e.g. for salad or dessert

Size: 7.4in x  3.3in x 4.4in (18.8cm x 8.3cm x 11.2cm)

Package Includes:

  • One (1) KidoBox™ Healthy 3-Layer Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box
  • One (1) Fork
  • One (1) Spoon
    • Material: Wheat Straw - no BPA, PVC, or phosphates
    • Size: 18.8 x 11.2 x 8.3cm
    • Capacity: 900ml
    • Color: Green, Pink, Beige