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KidoBox 3-Layer Microwavable Lunch Box

KidoBox  3-Layer Microwavable Lunch Box

KidoBox 3-Layer Microwavable Lunch Box

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✔️ Leakproof  lunchbox

✔️ Microwave safe

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Save money on eating out every day. Eat whole, healthy lunches. Skip the queue at the office canteen. 

Ever thought about...

  • ... how much money you spend eating out during lunchtime at the office? 
  • ... how unhealthy cafeteria food can be?
  • ... how much of your life is spent waiting in line at the office cafeteria?
  • ... what you pay for your kids' cafeteria lunches and if they are healthy at all?

This food box can help you change all that. Made from environmentally friendly and food-safe wheat straw material, it keeps your home-cooked food safe, fresh & tasty. Just take dinner leftovers from home or prep some quick meal the night before.

Also perfect for picnics, camping or traveling.

Multi-course meals? No problem? The 3 compartments got you covered:

  1. 6.76 fl oz (200ml) sealed, e.g. for soups (with a movable separator)
  2. 6.76 fl oz (200ml) non-sealed, e.g. for veggies
  3. 13.52 fl oz (400ml) non-sealed, e.g. for salad or dessert

Size: 7.4in x  3.3in x 4.4in (18.8cm x 8.3cm x 11.2cm)

Package Includes:

  • One (1) KidoBox™ Healthy 3-Layer Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box
  • One (1) Fork
  • One (1) Spoon
    • Material: Wheat Straw - no BPA, PVC, or phosphates
    • Size: 18.8 x 11.2 x 8.3cm
    • Capacity: 900ml
    • Color: Green, Pink, Beige







      I bought it for my daughter and she loved the color and for me it is very comfortable because I can get cold and hot without affecting each other

      Ligia S

      their  Lunchboxes  are of amazing Quality. Love the brand guys!, I received 2, The second one I received came with chopsticks and the person I gave this too was stoked! She tells me all the time that her co-workers are super jealous of it. This really is a great gift.


      Super cute and perfect size to bring to school or work. Keeps food either cold or hot depending on what you put in it. Love it 

      Kathryn L

      I've been using this product for over 1.5 year sending food for my son at daycare. It keeps the food warm until his lunch time and his fruits are also good to eat when it's time. I got many compliments from the teachers because it's easy and ready to serve my son.I also travel with it when I know I will be somewhere with not many food options to my son.It's also very easy to clean.

      Tamara M

      My daughter cannot heat things up at school, so this allows me to heat up food and the morning and she says it is still warm at lunch time.

      Edwards R
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