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FoodyChop™ Premium Bamboo Cutting Board With Trays

Multi-functional Cutting Board With Storage Trays


Annoyed by messy and dirty cutting boards and cluttered worktops? FoodyChop™ is the solution. For everything.

If you live in a house with a tiny kitchen, or just like to keep everything extra organized, this unique cutting board workbench is for you.


ZoneGears's EasyChop isn’t just a chopping board – it’s a seriously well-organized workstation for your kitchen. It offers an effortlessly learnable, clean and efficient work structuring for cooks of all ages. Thanks to our extendable bracket system you can simply add containers along with your board for trash, prepped foods, ingredients & kitchen tools.



The Multi-functional Bamboo Cutting Board is surrounded by trays and containers to helptake out, discard, and organize your ingredients with very little effort.



Keep Everything Organized & Clean!

This will make working in the kitchen a lot easierand tidier – plus it saves you a lot of time and space.
It has practically everything you'll need to quickly and efficientlyprepare your ingredients for cooking.

Take your kitchen work to the next level!
1. Use one container for waste
2.One for your chopped food
3. The third & fourth can be used for tools (or whatever comes to your mind)



How To Use It? It's Super Easy!

To use it, just place the FoodyChop™ on an edge or corner of your counter and let the containers hang off the edge. When you're slicing and dicing your onions or peppers, just push the good stuff into one container, and push your scraps into the other. You can then pop the containers in and out for each ingredient or mix them all together in one if it doesn't matter.


  • Cutting board size : 43 cm X 28 cm X 1.8 cm
  • Small storage box size : 17.5 cm X 10.7 cm X6 cm
  • Large storage box size : 17.5 cm X16 cm X6.3 cm


  • 1 X Cutting board
  • 5 X Draws