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Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler

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Mark Accurate  Measurements Easily!

The  Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler helps you improve working efficiency and save time with woodworking projects. The perfect marking gauge for parallel lines, integrated drill gauge for determination of drill diameters. Suitable for three-dimensional workpieces, e.g. beams, squared timber, pipes, etc.


  • MULTI-ANGLE - Its rectangular geometry allows you to make precise markings around corners ideal for accurately transferring miter angles onto two sides of a workpiece.
  • WIDE SCALE - Scale for free angles between 0 - 90°, you will be prepared for anything.
  • PERFECT FOR MARKING - It provides you with a marking gauge when marking parallel lines.
  • GRILL GAUGE - Equipped with a drill gauge, for quickly determining the diameter of a drill bit.


  • Angle Marking Range: 0 to 90 degrees
  • Measuring Range: 0-170mm
  • Weight:  89g


  • 1 x Multi-Angle Measuring Ruler


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